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About Nick

Hi there. Thank you for stopping by to see me. I want to let you know that, if you want to make all of your classes go easier, I am here to show you how. I have developed a way to teach you how to learn with more ease. So you spend less time worrying and fighting the assignments and more time enjoying what you’re learning and more free time to do other important things. My system has taken me 30 years of teaching to develop. I had to observe carefully what works with students as applied within the various subjects, I have successfully taught hundreds of students, both here and overseas. I am committed to giving my students the best tutoring. I believe there is more than one way to explain math concepts so that if a student doesn't grasp the way it is presented in class, I can find an alternate way of explaining it. Math can be fun! I am also a student again myself as a senior math major at CSUN. So I know clearly what you experience on the "students side" of the classroom. I will add my math degree to my computer science degree, which I have also taught with great success both here and abroad. Even some of my fellow classmates come to me with many things they don’t understand, and I enjoy helping them too. I am a member of Math Club at CSUN. I am available to teach Math all grades up to university sophomore, Statistics and physics up to university freshman. If we don’t make a good match, there will be no charge for the first session. Let’s meet!


California State University Northridge (CSUN)

Applied Mathematics



First session is 50% off.

$39 per hour in person sessions

$39 online sessions

Tutor’s lessons: 

In-person and online

Travel policy: 

Within 10 miles of Northridge, CA 91324

Lesson cancellation: 

12 hours notice required


Sun         11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Mon       11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Tue         11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Wed       11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Thu         11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Fri           11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Sat          11:00 am – 11:00 pm


Math Middle School

Elementary Math

Math High School

Prealgebra, Algebra 1,  Algebra 2, Precalculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, AP Calculus, ACT Math, SAT Math, 

Math College

College Algebra, Business Calculus, Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III, Linear Algebra, Probability, Statistics, Discrete Math



Test Preparation

ACT Math,  SAT Math,  Math Placement test, ELM test, GED, ASVAB

Interested Subjects 

Actuaries, CBEST


Great tutor! 

His explanation is easy to understand!Nick is great. Very patient and makes things easy to understand. He is teaching me Calculus I (Math 150 A & B) at CSUN. I wish he was my teacher at school, I know I would not need a tutor. I am going to see him again as soon as I find out my test schedule.

— Susan, 4 lessons with Nick

Nice tutor!

Nick taught me Calculus. I learned a lot from Nick. He really knows a lot about Calculus. He taught me about limits, continuity, derivatives and whole bunch of other stuff.

- Ricky Fillmore, CA on 2/15/2018

Fabulous tutor
In one session Nick was able to help my son get  an A on his Calculus test. Nick was able to clarify complicated concepts  and give my son the confidence he needed. Thank you, Nick!
--Julie, 2 lessons with Nick 

Nick was very helpful
Nick worked well with my daughter on her pre  calculus and explained things so she could understand the math that will  be on her final exam. We will definitely use Nick again. Thank you for your help.
--Edan, 1 lesson with Nick 

Insightful, experienced, patient, and wise are only a few words to describe him.
I requested Nick to tutor me for calculus 3.   Among all the sources I went to, Nick was the best source there is.  The  textbook and the internet can’t answer all your questions, especially  if it requires great detail to even ask for such a complex course.  He  made hard-to-grasp ideas tangible.  Nick will always stop and make sure  you understand everything up to that point before moving on.  If I felt  like I still didn’t understand, he would continue to expand through  different approaches until I understood it.  He passes down his past  experiences as a guidance.  As a result, it gives you an idea of things  to avoid or common obstacles that most people will eventually encounter.     I could go on about how amazing of a tutor and teacher he is, but he  also deserves recognition for his calm, mellow and friendly personality.   He comes off as seemingly friendly, making it easier to ask questions  without feeling any resentment.  He is respectful to the upmost degree.     Here is a well rounded individual overall, who guarantees success as a  tutor.  An 11/10 and a definite recommendation to anyone and everyone.
--Timothy, 1 lesson with Nick 

Very resourceful!
Nick was helping me review Analytic Trigonometry  and Conic Sections for a test and his explanations were so helpful! He  clearly knows a lot about his craft and is very knowledgeable.
--Syeda, 1 lesson with Nick 

Great Stats Tutor!
I messaged Nick and he responded within minutes.  It was a last minute decision to find a tutor and he met me a few hours  after we connected on here. Very good at explaining this and why they  are the way they are. He really helped me understand the concepts of  confidence intervals, etc. in less than one hour. We finished my session  early and I was very well prepared for my exam.  I would HIGHLY recommend.  Thank you Nick!
--Brianna, 4 lessons with Nick

Knowledgeable and patient teacher
Nick came at our home in a very very short  notice.  He has a great personality and good knowledge of Calculus BC.   He taught concept of FTOC, First Theorem of Calculus and Displacement  and other Integration related lesson.  

--Bhavita, 1 lesson with Nick 

The Best There Is
Nick is a wealth of information in Math and an  amazing tutor. Don't miss out, if you want to improve in Math! You will  walk away with insight and a confidence  and stronger  abilities with  Math
--Vetty, 12 lessons with Nick 

Always Prepared

Im a Mechanical Engineering student at Cali State Univ Northridge Been taking tutoring sessions with Nick S for a year now for Calculus I, II and III always coming in time, explains the material well and always prepared.

— Naser, 8 lessons with Nick

Nick is hands down the best statistics tutor!

My name is Dan and I have been with Nick for at least two years. We first met while I was studying Algebra 1 in high school. Nick helped me through that then Algebra 2. I then started attending Los Angeles Mission College in Sylmar. I began again with Nick and he helped me get an A in Beginning / intermediate Algebra. My last two semesters have dealt with Statistics. I passed both Pre-statistics and Statistics with an A in both. Math is a difficult subject for me and Nick was most patient, and explained the problems in a real world context that made it so much easier to understand. If you are facing the daunting challenge of probabilities, T - tests, ANOVA and all the other aspects of college statistics, then you can't do better. One other thing about Nick, he is really a nice guy, as friendly as they get.

— Daniel, 29 lessons with Nick

Quick response and knowledgeable

Would definitely use Nick again. I contacted him last minute to help with a college Trigonometry final. He was accommodating and certainly knew the material.

— Christy, 1 lesson with Nick

Very knowledgeable and accommodating!

Nick S. is fantastic! He helped my daughter with her AP Statistics at the very last minute with her crazy schedule. Wish we had found him years ago!

— Kim, 4 lessons with Nick

Knowledgeable teacher

He taught me the AP calculus, helping me to figure out questions from my text book, which made me easily to understand the solution of the problems. I really appreciate that he taught me about the maths.

— Sijia, 1 lesson with Nick

Great Tutor! Responsive, prompt and focused!

Nick was great - he responded quickly and showed up on time- he got right to work with my son - he kept everything very focused and really helped my son understand concepts! THANK YOU!

— Janet, 3 lessons with Nick

Patient, helpful and knowledgeable

He helped me understand how to interpret and solve word problems and clarified some misconceptions I had in calculus. He helped me feel more confident.

— Hannah, 7 lessons with Nick

Excellent tutor

It was the first time that my daughter had a lesson from tutor. The experience was more than we expected. Nick explained in many different ways and the simplest ways so that my daughter could grasp and understand the concepts clearly. He taught her not only the problems we brought, but also a few more chapters ahead which covers almost entire course of Algebra l within 1 hour lesson. Thank you, Nick, so much for your honesty and patience.

— Keiko, 1 lesson with Nick

Excellent tutor

Nick explained an entire semester of Honors Algebra 2/Trig, to my daughter, in one session. My daughter completely understood the concepts after Nick had patiently explained it to her. She now feels confident enough to take her final!

— Suzanne, 10 lessons with Nick

Extremely helpful

Nick helped greatly with an overall understanding of the Calculus class and strategies for approaching the final which were very successful

— Maria, 20 lessons with Nick

Great tutor and mentor!

Nick helped me to prepare for my SAT 2 Math Subject Test. He is very knowledgeable in different levels of math. His explanation is thorough and easy to understand. With his help, I am able to have a better and deeper understanding of certain knowledge in math. Thanks!

— Alan, 5 lessons with Nick

Excellent tutor

Knowledgeable, patient and passionate which made it encouraging for my son to learn more about AP Calc! A good fit is always important.

— Charina, 4 lessons with Nick

Extremely knowledgeable.

Nick is doing a great job teaching my son Calculus to prepare him for his college class this fall. Thank you!

— Dawn, 8 lessons with Nick

Helped my son improve in calculus

My son has started to improve in calculus after he had Nick as a tutor. I'm proud that my son pays more attention to his studies after he started to understand the material. My son improved on the test quite a bit after their lesson.

— Lisa, 3 lessons with Nick

Excellent tutor on all fronts

Nick has been my daughter's tutor for AP Calculus over the past 6 weeks. Not only is he brilliant, he has great skills in getting complex subject matter across and understood. He does not allow the student to get frustrated, but rather helps them through with a lot of patience and tolerance. The end result is that complex concepts are grasped and built upon. He's dependable, reliable and always punctual. We 100% recommend him as an amazing tutor and are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him.

— Viji, 9 lessons with Nick

Great Tutor And Very Helpful On The Kids' Schedule

Nick is an excellent tutor that is helping my girls improve on their Honor PreCalc class. He is very patient and extremely good at explaining the material to the students. He is also very flexible on working with the students' busy schedule. We could not be happier with his work.

— Jose, 58 lessons with Nick

Algebgra 1 Tutoring

On Monday my daughter did her first tutoring with Nick for algebra 1. My daughter told me that Nick was wonderful and very easy to understand. He showed her various shortcuts to solving problems that makes checking her work easier. Nick definitely knows the subject matter well and I would highly recommend him as a tutor. We have scheduled another session with Nick.

— Karen, 6 lessons with Nick

Very Patient

Nick was able to explain concepts to me that we did not have time to cover in my physics class. I feel like his tutoring will definitely help in my preparation for the SAT Subject Test in Physics. I have already scheduled another session.

— Ian, 2 lessons with Nick


Nick tutored my mom on the basics of her new Dell laptop. She said it went very well. Definitely recommend!

— Alvin, 1 lesson with Nick

Great Tutor!

Nick is incredibly kind and knowledgeable about the tutoring process. My son was struggling with Algebra 2 and he got an "A" with Nick's help. I will really recommend him.

— Pummy, 12 lessons with Nick

Amazing tutor!!

I've been trying to pass the ELM test for a few years now and I had so many tutors helping me but none of them helped me pass until I had Nick tutoring me. He's an amazing tutor with a great attitude. He helps you understand how the problem works so you can easily remember how to solve it. He gives you the confidence you need. I would recommend him to all my friends that need help with any kind of math. He truly is amazing and I am so happy I found him to help me.

— Sabrina, 18 lessons with Nick

Very PatientI strongly recommend Nick.

 He is very patient with my son and very good in adapting himself on how to teach him. He is very good in teaching Algebra 1 & 2, College Algebra, Physics and Geometry and my son loves to work with him. Nick makes it easier for my son to understand.

— Victor, 242 lessons with Nick


Nick really helped me achieve my goals and then some. If you want a patient, flexible, easy going, fair priced tutor, Nick is the tutor for you or your child. He knows his material like the back of his hand and doesn't ever disappoint. Math is not easy by any standard and he made it fun and approachable. From algebra to calculus and everything in between, Nick is the best around.

— Maxwell, 12 lessons with Nick

An excellent tutor and gentleman.

Nick is a nice man and a true mathematician, he is good at making difficult problems fun. Gives good shortcut simplifications and helps students build confidence in their abilities. I am very glad he is helping my daughter.Thanks Nick!

— Louis, 2 lessons with Nick

"Thank you"

- Rashed Reseda, CA on 10/11/2013

Nick is a very good tutor, and I learned a lot from him, he make me understand many topics. I recommend everyone who has trouble with math to try Nick. Thank you Nick!

"Wonderful Tutor!"

- Tina Sherman Oaks, CA on 10/5/2013

Nick is currently tutoring in preparation for an AP Calculus Exam and class work. He is very effective and positive. Nick is very responsible and makes every effort to make arrangements for tutoring if there is an upcoming test. His teaching methods are very clear, concise, and detailed oriented.

"Good math tutor"

- Alana Northridge, CA on 8/28/2013

Nick had tutored my son recently for an Algebra 2 class. He is very patient and takes his time explaining everything. He responds immediately to our emails and phone calls and is very flexible his schedule. We are very happy with our experience with Nick.

"The best!"

- Maurine Encino, CA on 6/12/2013

My daughter is an A student, except for in math. When her grade dropped to a C- the first semester of 7th grade, I knew I had to get her some help. I found Nick through internet and in a short time her grade was up to a B. I feel very grateful that Nick is able to explain math to my daughter in a way that she understands it. I am looking forward to her continued learning with Nick and getting her math grade up to an A. Nick is very professional, accommodating, and easy to get in touch with. Thank you Nick!!

"Overall great teacher"

- Mary Granada Hills, CA on 6/2/2013

We are picky when it comes to looking for the right teacher. The following were our requirements... affordable, an expert in his field, has the gift of teaching (not everyone can teach), easy to work with, and can provide the challenge the student needs. We found all these in Nick. On top of this he's also nice, approachable and always on time.

"Very happy with our choice."

- Maya Northridge, CA on 5/19/2013

We've tried few other tutors before we found Nick S. - he worked out the best for my daughter! Just in a few months he pulled her from D in Calc to strong B. I am very pleased with his teaching methods and strong knowledge in Math!

"Very pleased"

- Deanna Chatsworth, CA on 4/6/2013

Nick is a great tutor. My granddaughter feel very confident about what she has covered with him. I am very pleased with your services. He is an excellent physics tutor. He explains the concepts in ways that the student can quickly understand. I couldn't be more pleased.

"Great guy, very patient."

- Daniel Granada Hills, CA on 3/10/2013

Nick showed up on time, he got right to it. He is a little fast, if your math skills are lacking as bad as my algebra skills are. He might move a little too speedy for you to get the full grasp, but he is patient and will go over the problem as much as needed. He calls back quickly, that's good. He is busy, but I didn't have to wait to see him. Although 9PM is a little late to start a session. I passed my test on quadratic equations, I just wish i had used him when I was graphing slopes. I give him 5 stars.

"Great tutor!"

- Manuela Woodland Hills, CA on 3/3/2013

Nick is a great tutor. He is always on time, patient, and he explains very well. He always answers to his phone and emails on the same day, and is always willing to help. If you are looking for a tutor then I really recommend Nick. He has brought my Pre-calculus grade up from a D to an A.

"Great Tutor"

- Karen Encino, CA on 3/1/2013

Nick is very punctual and professional. He knows the subject and gets the job done. Works from the minute he gets in to the last minute. My son is not done yet but he is working hard and Nick is really helping! I am very pleased I found this site.

"Nick is a very good computer teacher."

- Janet Encino, CA on 2/12/2013

Nick is a great tutor. He is smart, kind and supportive. He is always on time and very patient. He has good humor and pleasant to have in my home.

"Very Good Tutor"

- Talha Sylmar, CA on 1/19/2013

I had difficulties with Math 93 (Developmental Math), and Nick helped me understand it really well. His calm way and kindness is what I liked about him the most, he also explains Math in a very simple way. I recommend that you give him a shot and you won't regret it!

"Very patient and easy to reach."

- Terri Chatsworth, CA on 12/10/2012

Nick helped my child review for finals, and he is polite, calm, and punctual. The finals review is sure to prove to be quite valuable. Fully recommended.

"Very Patient!"

- Michelle Calabasas, CA on 12/3/2012

I was having a lot of trouble with calculus 2 and Nick was able to help me. He is very patient and makes sure you understand the material.

"Very Happy"

- Patricia Encino, CA on 11/23/2012

We are very happy with Nick. My daughter is performing much better and we are happy. Thanks for the great service.

"Great Teacher"

- LAUREN North Hollywood, CA on 11/18/2012

My son's first meeting with Nick was very interesting. He is really a very nice person, professional, has good personality and pleasant to talk to. Nick arrived on time. My son likes his method of teaching, articulate and very knowledgeable. It was very easy for my son to absorbed showing the way he solved problems with his AP Calculus. He is looking forward to his next lesson/subject in AP Physics with Nick. I highly recommend this great tutor.

"Great tutor!!"

- Chela Winnetka, CA on 10/24/2012

Nick is a great tutor. He is very professional and is very dependable. He's been tutoring geometry to my son and seems to be helping him a lot. I would definitely recommend Nick for a tutor.

"Excellent tutor!"

- Kim Encino, CA on 5/17/2012

Nick was an excellent tutor. He showed up on time for every lesson,got right to work and made use of every minute. His teaching style is very clear and straight forward. Nick is patient, soft spoken and knows his material exceptionally well; I would highly recommend him!

"Great tutor. Very articulate!"

- Laura Woodland Hills, CA on 5/6/2012

Nick was just the tutor I needed. He helped me to catch up with my calculus class in no time. Thank you so much Nick!

"Very Patient and Dependable"

- Nourma Northridge, CA on 2/21/2012

Nick worked on Algebra 1 with my son and made him feel more confident in his work. He seems to feel comfortable working with Nick and we are looking forward to more tutoring with him in hopes of improving his grade. Thank you!

"Great Tutor for Algebra II!!"

- Kyle San Fernando, CA on 2/15/2012

At first I was unsure about a tutor, because I had never had or needed one before. However, after the first few sessions with Nick I became more confident about my abilities in Algebra II. Nick was very helpful and was able to thoroughly explain every problem. Nick is very knowledgeable and is excellent at teaching. I would recommend him for anyone struggling with Algebra.

"Very patient!"

- Judy Burbank, CA on 2/14/2012

Nick was very patient and reliable. Was able to explain the problem in many different ways until you understand it. Looking forward to more lessons.

"Great tutor."

- Judy Simi Valley, CA on 2/14/2012

Nick showed lots of patience with my daughter. She was having difficulty learning the concepts and Nick went through it step by step with her.

"First Impressions are great!"

- Suzy Encino, CA on 1/19/2012

Nick arrived today exactly on time for his first session and got straight down to work with our daughter who needed some extra help on her 11th Grade Pre-Calc/Trig course. First impressions are really favorable and it appears he is just the person to get her on the right track to achieve the high grade she is looking for this year! He's very professional and knows his subject - and has a charming and polite personality. We look forward to his next visit!

"Great Tutor"

- Vivian West Hills, CA on 12/12/2011

My daughter had a tutoring session with Nick for her AP Calculus class. She was very happy with him and the time they spent. She felt he was very knowledgeable and explained everything very thoroughly allowing her to see what she needed to work on. She is very confident she will be able to apply everything he explained to her on her final this coming week.

"great tutor"

- Mimi Granada Hills, CA on 12/11/2011

My daughter told me it was well worth the while. She told me that Nick was able to explain half a semesters worth of Trig in just one lesson. Obviously the teaching provided by our local schools is lacking so it is very good to be able to find quality. Thanks very much and wish we had done this sooner (would have saved us a lot of grief)


- Diana Chatsworth, CA on 12/9/2011

Nick is very patient and is very detailed. He doesn't keep you guessing. He guides you through step-by-step and helps you to remember things. He is very helpful and I highly recommend him. He is a very pleasant person and very easy going. Thanks Nick!

"really good tutor"

- Nitish Chatsworth, CA on 11/5/2011

He is a early good teacher, and is very humble with his students all the time. He knows what he is talking about.

"knowledgeable, prompt, patient"

- Anna Woodland Hills, CA on 10/11/2011

Nick knows his math, far more than my son is likely to need for high school. He may work using slightly different processes than your child's school but that's easily rectified once he sees the text your child's working with. I recommend him highly.

"Great Tutor"

- Tim Granada Hills, CA on 10/6/2011

Nick posses a thorough understanding of the subject and a talent for teaching. We will be using him for all of my son's trigonometry needs this semester